A home is not a home unless it is kept clean and tidy its part and parcel of owning your own home, but if cleaning is the bottom of your priority list possibly due to work commitments or personal circumstances then Apollo Cleaning services CAN & WILL help you! One of our specialities is residential (private home) cleaning. We understand that your household is your own oil painting that is shaped around you, therefore all cleaning duties are undertaken with the utmost care, but effectiveness. Apollo employs fully licensed and competent cleaning staff to perform there residential cleaning and be assured that no job is to small and no detail is left unturned! Perfection, customer safety and satisfaction and quality is our backbone therefore we only use the safest cleaning products around your home that are not harmful to children, pets or the environment. Each home is treated with respect so shoe covers are a necessity and we make full use of these when performing our residential cleans



After the completion of any building works it is paramount that a property is left in pristine condition. As a reactive cleaning company we can usually be on site within 24-48 hours to carry out an entire builders clean.